Why work with us

These are not just expressions of intent, but the rules by which we work

As an accountancy firm it is our promise to you that we will get things done, anticipate your needs and produce results fast. We will treat your business with the same care as we do our own and let your team learn from us and implement our expertise within your company.

Anderson Ballantine will represent your interests as our client. We will work closely with you and carefully plan our work together.

We promise to be available to you and to respond to you quickly and efficiently. We will be completely open, honest and up-front in everything we do for and with you. We will analyse your business using proven techniques, software and strategies designed to maximise the possible results for you and your business, and we will continue our education to enable us to offer you more.

We will continue to work with you side-by-side as your business advisor, not just your accountant. We'll be there to offer you the on-going support you need and additional programmes to help you fully realise your goals.

We are more than just historians; we will look towards the future with you.

What our clients say about us

"These are the people who contributed so much to making our business successful. They operate to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism and will happily dovetail their contribution to suit both your requirements and budget"

"I’m just so glad I found you. If we hadn’t started working with you we would be down the drain by now"

"You really do break the mould"

"You are truly inspirational"

"You have contributed so much to this business over the years."

"We like the service and we like the people as well"

20 Apr 2018

Many businesses 'not seeing improvements in UK mobile network', states BCC

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has stated that a significant number of UK businesses are 'not seeing improvements' in the UK's mobile network.

19 Apr 2018

Think tank proposes creation of a 'wealth fund' to address wealth inequality

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has proposed the creation of a new wealth fund to help address 'growing wealth inequality'.